Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Assassins List

Assassins List is an enthralling Espionage and Assassination plot cleverly picturing in the rendition, Assassins List is based on a true story delivering a masterful infuse of fact and fiction. Author David Stanley has had steady success with two short story's and now Assassins List his first full book is set to take readers by storm. A former victim to an I.E.D. He pledges 10 percent of his books income to aid the injured Marines. Eulogy for Assassins List. A simplistic yet brilliant tale of espionage, assassins list combines both fiction and fact, nicely written the book is based on a true story that comes alive as the chapters puzzle together. The Author depicts the journey taken, of a life transition from childhood to manhood the progression through military elite forces to government assassin. It pinnacles with a remarkable account of blood spilled as the assassin undertakes an international assignment. The cloak and dagger black ops mission spans over several weeks and results in two assassinations that headline around the world. “A memorable read in a well-balanced telling style of informative story writing that was almost impossible to put down.” Eulogy by the Authors former Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel C.J.Boyden Retiered.

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