Thursday, August 16, 2012

Confessions of a royal marine commando

Confessions of a royal marine commando
One of the most inspiring and entertaining stories you will read this year, Confessions of a Royal Marine Commando: A Young Man’s Mischievous Journey Into The UK’s Finest, has just been published.

Author David Stanley has pulled off the unique feat of being both funny and inspirational while telling a tale which should give heart to every young kid in the country whose being bullied in the schoolyard or at home. The well known advertisements for Commandos state that 99.99 percent need not apply, David Stanley always knew that the famous Green Beret, the proud symbol of the Commandos, would be his. British Commandos are admired by military establishments around the world as being the elite of the elite, the most highly trained soldiers in history.

The story of how a height challenged kid who was scared to walk to the local bus stop survived the brutal training regime imposed on aspiring Commandos and became one of the seven chosen out of an initial 50,000 applicants will warm the heart of anyone who has a dream they have been frightened to chase.

With bullying remaining a major problem in the British school system, impacting on many thousands of children every year. Every one of those kids should do themselves a favor and read this book.

Anyone who reads this book will find themselves belly laughing at Stanley’s vividly comical descriptions of the notoriously tough training procedures at the Limpstone Commando Training Centre.

“I wanted to do something different from normal,” says author David Stanley of why he felt compelled to write Confessions of a Royal Marine Commando. “I wanted to look at the comical side of things. Most military books are very serious but in fact much about military life can be very funny and most soldiers I have known have a great sense of humor.

“Of course British soldiers are fighting and dying in the unpopular Afghanistan war and public controversy over Britain’s involvement is a major political headache for the current government. Without taking sides in that debate, I wanted to raise money to help the seriously injured soldiers returning from one of the most dangerous battle zones imaginable.

“Sometimes when I’m walking around I see kids who are very much like I was, easily bullied and frightened to even walk down the street because they’re being bashed up by others bigger and older than themselves. The book as much for those kids as it is for anybody else. I wanted to give them heart, to show them how to turn their lives around and to stand up and fight for what is right.”

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