Sunday, August 12, 2012

Internet Dating for the Savvy Single


Internet dating for love or for no strings learn to be successful in finding love when dating online 
Have you tried internet dating but didn’t get the results you wanted? Have you thought about trying it but didn’t want to risk having the bad experiences that you’ve heard about from your friends? If so, this little eBook is for you! Internet Dating for the Savvy Single will show you how to wisely utilize this powerful tool that can literally transform your dating life! Like any tool, internet dating is often misused or underutilized. But now you can learn the dating secrets that only Nina Atwood, the Singlescoach® teaches and apply them to the online dating world. Here’s what you will take away from this book:

* How to create a mindset for online dating that drives great results
* How to choose the right online dating site for you
* How to set up your profile so that you attract the right people
* How to initiate contact with the right people
* How to respond to contact from others so that you don’t waste time with the wrong people
* How to create the right boundaries so that your experiences dating online are positive and motivating
* How to manage online dating from your intention to find a soul mate relationship
* How to manage online dating - unique advice for women
* How to manage online dating - unique advice for men
* How to handle the transition from online to real-world dating
* How to set the stage for a rewarding relationship

About the author:
Nina Atwood, M.Ed., LPC, is a licensed therapist and life coach who has been teaching singles how to create rewarding relationships for over 25 years. Her website,, is the go-to resource on the internet for loads of free advice about how to date smart and find the love of your life. Nina has authored numerous self-help books, including Temptations of the Single Girl, which helps women forever break the pattern of choosing the wrong kind of men. Her newest book, Date Like a CEO, teaches leadership, not control, for men who want to find and marry a wonderful woman.

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