Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Its a State of Mind

its a state of mind. an interesting short story for less that a pound.

from British Royal Marine Commando to Thailand undercover detective. 
This short story about Stan a former Marine Commando. this book will give you the fascinating insight in how he works as a foreign undercover detective in Asia. Stan spies undercover for a crack Royal Thai Police team infiltrating gangs with foreign connections or ran by foreigners. Drug trafficking and human trafficking is a real life problem that real people like Stan deal with day in day out. Dangerous is an understatement. 

The Author has pledged to Donate 10% of all income raised from sales of this short story to the injured Marines returning home from war thank you for your support.

Although this is a short story it has a great cause raising money for the injured marines. the money raise is split and sent to both US and UK charities aiding the injured marines so a purchase of this short story is very welcome. 

The author may not be a budding dickens but it is fairly well written even though his aim was to help a little.

Troops returning home from Afghanistan, troops such as the marines are raising in numbers fast now many thousands over the last ten years. Your support for the troops can be done in so many ways but what better than a purchase of a book for your enjoyment. 

in the top right corner of this blog you will find four books written by three different ex marines that have joined together by donating 10% of there book sales to aid the injured marines including a fast best selling book confessions of a royal marine commando now hovering around number 4000 of the amazon uk bestsellers rank   

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