Sunday, July 8, 2012


Mastering Multiple Position Sex takes the traditional sex manual a step further by outlining entire bedroom scenarios, from seduction to sexplay to positions, including the transitions in between. 

Both partners learn what to do, how to do it, and what to do next--eliminating any awkward or disappointing moments and creating the sexual tension that  leads to amazing climaxes. Each of the 14 scenarios has a different theme, and features one method of foreplay, two sex positions, and the buildup to mutual pleasure. 

Each chapter is accompanied by instructive and eye-catching Quiver photography.

one of the most unique sex manuals of the year, one that I wrote years ago and then had my clients in Manhattan and Boston put to the test and tweak - all before the first edition hit the press in 2009. 

MMPS is packed with sex tips for intercourse (and sexplay) between men and women - everything from masturbation, mutual stimulation, better anal sex, and even how to pick your sex educator, counselor, or therapist. And yes, I do have something for my LGB and T fans down the road. 

I wrote it as though you and your partner were sitting in my office or perhaps chatting with me on the phone. The best thing is: you can have my sex advice in the privacy of your home, 24 hours a day, without making an appointment to see me or looking for a parking spot. 

Thank you for choosing this book for somebody you adore, especially if that somebody is you! I hope to see you at a book signing in the future, and to my military clients overseas: please stay in touch and return safely. 

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