Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Walking Dead


Volume 16 of The Walking Dead offers hope to the dying community that Rick has found himself in charge of. But finding hope in The Walking Dead often ends badly, really badly. Will this be the kind of hope that leaves you brutally tortured and missing a hand? Or will the hilltop community finally offer a glimpse about how to rebuild America?

The graphic novel is steeped with the language of a new beginning. From the messenger's nickname of "Jesus" to the fact that it is a city upon a hill (a new Jerusalem?), the language promises a real start for civilization. In order to become part of this new hilltop community, however, Rick will have to risk his group by fighting the one thing on earth more dangerous than walkers: other humans!

Robert Kirkman has a knack for storytelling that allows the reader to hold a piece of the hope for the future that is always just a little farther down the road. No matter how many times that hope is snatched away, readers are brought into Rick and the groups' world through a masterful writing.

Volume 16 continues the cliff-hanger, white-knuckled series. If you've been following The Walking Dead, this novel won't disappoint.

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